The Project

The Centre is a scripted drama series, written by Naomi Beukes-Meyer. It tells the stories of foreign-, mostly african girls and women living in Berlin, and their ways of dealing with living between 2 cultures. It is written for the web in English and German. The Centre is run by an african woman, living in Berlin, trying to make ends meet and her way of dealing with the German burocracy.

It is a no-budget project with a group of talented crew members and committed  sassy actresses.

Each episode features a different story.  Our first story deals with the tender love story between two young girls and their struggle to deal with family, religion and cultural values.

Yes, the hard stuff, but this is what we are aiming for, telling the stories like we live them. With each episode we are also trying to make the audience aware of an organization in Berlin, who are working towards  improving the life of girls and women and give them hope to go on, even if they think it’s hopeless.

To make this project a reality and not just our pilot episode that we are shooting without any budget, we need the help of everybody out there. We are grateful for all sponsors, no matter how small!

So, make sure to visit us for updates on our shooting and for some insight into our cast and crew.

See you soon….